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  3. TRI Dreadbombs Titan

    "You can bring the pilot out of calibrated chaos, but you can't bring the calibrated chaos out the pilot" Not everyone is Ody TitanKiller The3rd His Leetness:
  4. TRI Dreadbombs Titan

    5x EC-300s were to strong
  5. TRI Dreadbombs Titan

    lmao ustz confirmed best tz, can actually kill a titan
  6. TRI Dreadbombs Titan

    if youre gonna hotdrop a titan thats not even tackled, at least go old school and have one of your titans ghost ride a HIC
  7. TRI Dreadbombs Titan

    That was an interesting drop......
  8. TRI/Co2 Joint Super Fleet

    i dont. i actually love eve
  9. TRI/Co2 Joint Super Fleet

    why do all the TRI fcs hate this game
  10. TRI/Co2 Joint Super Fleet

    good stuff...cant go wrong with prodigy
  11. TRI/Co2 Joint Super Fleet

    One thing missing from this. Is CPA saying how much he hates this game.
  12. TRI/Co2 Joint Super Fleet

    and le reddit thread
  13. Video Production

    More will arrive been busy with RL and WORK rip....but I will be more active as of
  14. Propaganda music suggestions

    Manowar - Warriors of the World
  15. Propaganda music suggestions

    One from my record box
  16. May Nyx Frags

  17. Propaganda music suggestions

  18. Propaganda music suggestions

    I would love to see an EVE video cut on this one
  19. Video Production

    Dat into/outtro
  20. Video Production

    I tried to upload in 4k but not sure why it didn't.... I do have a 4k Monitor soo maybe a little bit more tweaking to do.
  21. Video Production

    New VID from a few nights ago sorry too a long time to post RL lol
  22. When a God is TESTed

    Comedy gold on the intro. BRAAAAAAAM *scram*
  23. Stratios Supremecy

    Tweeked the start so the original is deleted
  24. Stratios Supremecy

    first one is public second one is removed, you can tell on the youtube site if its public or unlisted.
  25. Stratios Supremecy

    is this public or listed?
  26. Stratios Supremecy

    Awesome run folks!!
  27. Stratios Supremecy

    Footage of our fun packed Stratios Roam last night (23mar) thanks FRSD for the fun times!
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