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  4. OSY-UD TAPI Astrahus Final timer

  5. OSY-UD TAPI Astrahus Final timer

    Awesome video
  6. GRRKA recruitment vid

    Nice love the T rant at the end
  7. QE-E1D TEST Fight 02/06/18

    Dragoon that has to be one of your best ones yet. Awesome job.
  8. QE-E1D TEST Fight 02/06/18

    Finally a video where some1 in a Mach actually uses his TDs semi-properly. Good job!
  9. QE-E1D TEST Fight 02/06/18

    nice video, but the real question is why are people sacrificing 1/7 of their alpha to whore on killmails? ^^
  10. QE-E1D TEST Fight 02/06/18

    thanks for sharing!
  11. QE-E1D TEST Fight 02/06/18

    Hi Movie guy o/. Made this at like 4am in morning half asleep so i just posted it and collapsed so forgot to do a few things :D. Shout out the jonson McFly Parrish guy if hes here or not cannibalized one of his intros for the video.
  12. QE-E1D TEST Fight 02/06/18

    not listed? :<
  13. QE-E1D TEST Fight 02/06/18

    Our movie guy memed hard on the soundtrack
  14. GRRKA recruitment vid

    i know this feeling all too well....
  15. GRRKA recruitment vid

    no our filmers in C-L all dc'd so we have very little footage which sucks
  16. GRRKA recruitment vid

    rly nice stuff but did you get more of the C-L footage? rly want to see more.
  17. GRRKA recruitment vid

    Wow, this is a really sexy video. I remember all those fights so well, even tho some were over a year ago! <3
  18. Pandemic Lizards propaganda

    You always did have good taste in music.
  19. lol the three lokis warping off at the end...very nice vid mate.
  20. Those were some good times. These are some good times.
  21. This is a compilation of a bunch of footage I had throughout the TRI/FCON war with comms included. I'm really thankful for flying under Cpt Patrick Archer, frsd, and kebabski. They made me fall in love with this game again and helped build TRI into the little alliance that could <3. Special shoutouts to Shegox Gabriel, Opec and Avren whom I borrowed some footage from. And the remaining TRI FCs whose voices I borrowed without permission as well. Also, shout-out to everyone's favourite primary target John Baylin. Reddit thread:
  22. For Whom the Bell Tolls

    where is the "like"-button?
  23. For Whom the Bell Tolls

    EPIC video
  24. For Whom the Bell Tolls

    For Archiving Purposes, Reddit: <3
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