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  4. Insu on Youtube

    yep, realized that too^^ don't you have your own background music to listen to while watching youtube vids? ^^ but yeah, will try to come up with a solution for the mentioned issues.
  5. Insu on Youtube

    it's also very understandable and easy to see how he FC's (with or without sound )
  6. Insu on Youtube

    i always feel like, the less bullshit (aka giant pic of your face) is on the screen the better. i know, opsec is a thing but thats a problem all eve videos have, i really dont like to stare at a giant alliance/corp logo that takes up half of the screen. you kinda have to arrange the parts of your screen that others arent supposed to see in a different way if you intend to record, to make he hidden part smaller. also, unnarated, completly silent eve vids in real time, arent all too enjoyable to watch. you also arent supposed to just put comms on there, but i feel like some kind of narration should be part, either you make a short explenaitin in text from before the actual footage begins, or you make a seperate recording. Some selective parts of comms during the fight might also be nice, and maybe some not retarded music would be good.
  7. Insu on Youtube

    you need to use more hotkeys lol that looks so tedious clicking everything, i couldnt do it
  8. Insu on Youtube

    +1 ty !
  9. Insu on Youtube

    I will try to upload videos from my fleets and solo activities more frequently on my youtube channel
  10. OSY-UD TAPI Astrahus Final timer

  11. OSY-UD TAPI Astrahus Final timer

    Awesome video
  12. GRRKA recruitment vid

    Nice love the T rant at the end
  13. QE-E1D TEST Fight 02/06/18

    Dragoon that has to be one of your best ones yet. Awesome job.
  14. QE-E1D TEST Fight 02/06/18

    Finally a video where some1 in a Mach actually uses his TDs semi-properly. Good job!
  15. QE-E1D TEST Fight 02/06/18

    nice video, but the real question is why are people sacrificing 1/7 of their alpha to whore on killmails? ^^
  16. QE-E1D TEST Fight 02/06/18

    thanks for sharing!
  17. QE-E1D TEST Fight 02/06/18

    Hi Movie guy o/. Made this at like 4am in morning half asleep so i just posted it and collapsed so forgot to do a few things :D. Shout out the jonson McFly Parrish guy if hes here or not cannibalized one of his intros for the video.
  18. QE-E1D TEST Fight 02/06/18

    not listed? :<
  19. QE-E1D TEST Fight 02/06/18

    Our movie guy memed hard on the soundtrack
  20. GRRKA recruitment vid

    i know this feeling all too well....
  21. GRRKA recruitment vid

    no our filmers in C-L all dc'd so we have very little footage which sucks
  22. GRRKA recruitment vid

    rly nice stuff but did you get more of the C-L footage? rly want to see more.
  23. GRRKA recruitment vid

    Wow, this is a really sexy video. I remember all those fights so well, even tho some were over a year ago! <3
  24. Pandemic Lizards propaganda

    You always did have good taste in music.
  25. lol the three lokis warping off at the end...very nice vid mate.
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