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  5. AAC recruitment opan again
  6. More will arrive been busy with RL and WORK rip....but I will be more active as of
  7. Recruitment information will arrive SoonTM
  8. [Placeholder]
  9. O/

    Im here!!!!
  10. O/

    nothing to see here, move along!
  11. O/

    Me too apparently
  12. O/

    ooh ooh ME! I'm here!
  13. O/

    Is there anybody here?
  14. Dat into/outtro
  15. I tried to upload in 4k but not sure why it didn't.... I do have a 4k Monitor soo maybe a little bit more tweaking to do.
  16. New VID from a few nights ago sorry too a long time to post RL lol
  17. Comedy gold on the intro. BRAAAAAAAM *scram*
  18. Tweeked the start so the original is deleted
  19. first one is public second one is removed, you can tell on the youtube site if its public or unlisted.
  20. is this public or listed?
  21. Awesome run folks!!
  22. Footage of our fun packed Stratios Roam last night (23mar) thanks FRSD for the fun times!
  23. Understood
  24. Just want to note that this is a public forum in case there is any information you have posted / will post that you don't want the general public to see.
  25. I tried to RES it move using that tool also another to make it in a 4k res but no luck also dont feel like paying 400$ for a program that will
  26. ok Ill start working on it tsooon
  27. Look good. Unfortunately the logo looks a bit pixelated, is it possible to get you a vector to smooth out the edges?
  28. We've had this argument already, and given that the aquaila now is the officialish so yeah.
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