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  3. Pandemic Lizards propaganda

    You always did have good taste in music.
  4. lol the three lokis warping off at the end...very nice vid mate.
  5. Those were some good times. These are some good times.
  6. This is a compilation of a bunch of footage I had throughout the TRI/FCON war with comms included. I'm really thankful for flying under Cpt Patrick Archer, frsd, and kebabski. They made me fall in love with this game again and helped build TRI into the little alliance that could <3. Special shoutouts to Shegox Gabriel, Opec and Avren whom I borrowed some footage from. And the remaining TRI FCs whose voices I borrowed without permission as well. Also, shout-out to everyone's favourite primary target John Baylin. Reddit thread:
  7. For Whom the Bell Tolls

    where is the "like"-button?
  8. For Whom the Bell Tolls

    EPIC video
  9. For Whom the Bell Tolls

    For Archiving Purposes, Reddit: <3
  10. Battle of the IAS-I5 I-Hub

    SAI was over IAS.. So it's the same fight.
  11. Battle of the IAS-I5 I-Hub

    Kinda (un)related: RUSRUS PoV for the SAI-T9 cap fight (a week earlier?) Posting it because.. hey we're in it and... the music actually rocks!
  12. Need Triumvirate logo

    ty, was just what i was looking for.
  13. Need Triumvirate logo

    Check out this thread there is .PSD file( adobe photoshop) in there with our logo along with some other stuff, remember vanguard is dead so dont use any of the old VG stuff,
  14. Need Triumvirate logo

    dont mind me ninja'ing that thread. need logo in high-res too, found the intros but if anyone got them in highquality too that'd be awesomesauce poke me on discord
  15. Need Triumvirate logo

    Hi nerds, need a file of the Tri logo for makeing a banner. any who got it in a decent resolution. The banner is 200 cm x 70 cm ( 78.74 in x 27.559 in ) and it going to be laser printed. Hope some can help me out.
  16. Battle of the IAS-I5 I-Hub

    Yeah the narrative stuff definitely adds to the quality of the video.
  17. Battle of the IAS-I5 I-Hub

    I really liked the video. Absolutly one of the top tri videos and even eve battlereport videos I saw.
  18. Battle of the IAS-I5 I-Hub

    Thanks for the feedback Garst. Re: Transitions. Watching it over again you're definitely correct there. There needs to be some context to it. Re: Hype. Wanted to establish a narrative to establish some level of risk and importance to draw the viewer in. Also, I figured there would be some value in hyping the enemies ability up - they're more likely to bring those types of numbers for us to squash in the future. But now I see that has backfired since we lost the IHUB today. However, in a weeks or months time I don't think anyone will remember this event other than the narrative spun in the video. Next time I do one of these I'll try and consult you guys
  19. Battle of the IAS-I5 I-Hub

    Let them think it's important, they'll whelp more to kill it again
  20. Battle of the IAS-I5 I-Hub

    very nice video putt putt thanks for sharing. A lot of people have expressed how helpful the zooms on the cap escalations and the text callouts were. My only two quibbles are the lack of a transition to the footage of the secondary fights outside of IAS and the overhyped importance of the IAS IHUB in the into text, which I only bring up because the enemy is lying and trying to claim victory because "it was an important ihub" which It was not--it was completely un upgraded with no plans to do much with it in the future.
  21. Battle of the IAS-I5 I-Hub

    great vid - thanks PuttPutt
  22. TRI Dreadbombs Titan

    "You can bring the pilot out of calibrated chaos, but you can't bring the calibrated chaos out the pilot" Not everyone is Ody TitanKiller The3rd His Leetness:
  23. TRI Dreadbombs Titan

    5x EC-300s were to strong
  24. TRI Dreadbombs Titan

    lmao ustz confirmed best tz, can actually kill a titan
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