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  1. Video Production

    More will arrive been busy with RL and WORK rip....but I will be more active as of
  2. Video Production

    I tried to upload in 4k but not sure why it didn't.... I do have a 4k Monitor soo maybe a little bit more tweaking to do.
  3. Video Production

    New VID from a few nights ago sorry too a long time to post RL lol
  4. Stratios Supremecy

    is this public or listed?
  5. Video Production

  6. Video Production

    I tried to RES it move using that tool also another to make it in a 4k res but no luck also dont feel like paying 400$ for a program that will
  7. Video Production

    ok Ill start working on it tsooon
  8. Official video Astrahus

    note i uploaded it as 240fps sooo it's not working, Ill re make it 5x speed
  9. Official video Astrahus

    Fixed still a tiny thing i need to change on here. but think it looks nice
  10. Video Production

    LMFAO hahah ok
  11. Providence invasion Feb 26

    I can teach you
  12. Video Production

    hmmmm seems cool vanguard a corp within right, also you could use these as water-marks
  13. Video Production

    yeah you can use them too,I'll send them all in a mail mp4 file
  14. Video Production

    Ok So intros are done made like 5 or so, Now i need THE Alliances' help on which one to use or if vote for the best or for different fleets. #1 #2 #3 #4 (i do like this one) #5 Ok just reply to this and feed back would be nice too guys thxs!!!!
  15. Video Production

    yeah i was looking at it the other day..........nha work on it