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  1. Battle of the IAS-I5 I-Hub

    Yeah the narrative stuff definitely adds to the quality of the video.
  2. Battle of the IAS-I5 I-Hub

    great vid - thanks PuttPutt
  3. Video Production

    Just want to note that this is a public forum in case there is any information you have posted / will post that you don't want the general public to see.
  4. Providence invasion Feb 26

    Thanks for the video. You should consider: Removing the fleet coms entirely, or just including relevant non-opsec snippets Removing all the bits of the video where nothing is happening (most of the video infact) Coming to fleet with the correct fit. You should have had 2x tracking disruptors fitted for this fleet Zooming out a bit so you can see if you are about to be primaried Setting up your broadcasts correctly so that you do not end up locking friendlies that are requesting reps.
  5. Video Production

  6. nice vid Has the right combination of shiny and funny
  7. In which *Unnamed Leviathan* Misses his Lance.

    It wasn't as bad as it was made out on mumble then. One titan missed, two titans hit and the rest bumped and thus were going to fast to activate the DD. Bumping mechanics are so stupid in EVE. They should just remove them entirely or at least remove them for X amount of time after taking a CYNO as a quality of life fix.
  8. Vanguardian Overture

    I like this
  9. Vanguard vs Provi-Bloc and Goonswarm 10-12-2016

    or a weird american
  10. Vanguard vs Infamous/MC/Waffles 15/08/2016

    Really nice vid thanks.
  11. Vanguard Mission Statement

    While I appreciate the effort the video does make me cringe a little
  12. CTA 1700 - 16MAY Tengus

    One that was just posted on reddit.
  13. CTA 1700 - 16MAY Tengus

    Yeah I enjoyed the video (it was amusing to see us repping light blues who weren't in our fleet as well ) I was slightly frustrated slightly by the long intro.
  14. CTA 1700 - 16MAY Tengus

    Stain Rus pov