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  1. TRI Dreadbombs Titan

    if youre gonna hotdrop a titan thats not even tackled, at least go old school and have one of your titans ghost ride a HIC
  2. TRI/Co2 Joint Super Fleet

    why do all the TRI fcs hate this game
  3. Vanguardian Overture

    nice video, thanks!
  4. Bombing Run Alliance Fleet Battle Video

    maybe this changed when i was out of game. ages ago they wouldnt explode if you warped off prior
  5. Bombing Run Alliance Fleet Battle Video

    if you warp before the bomb goes off it doesnt explode. Thank you for sharing the video but why not fly something on your main that would help the fleet? you watched other people fight for 5 minutes without participating until the last second also moving this to the media section
  6. Triumvirate Town

    you did a really good job with this, but I think it could be about 1min shorter for the same thing
  7. Billboards

    awesome work m8 I think we will be submitting this one ASAP. Mari yours is great with the way the eagle transforms into the Vanguard V but without a textured skin and better word art it looks more like a concept than a final product
  8. Vanguard Screenshot Thread

  9. Oijanen Brawl

    theres always THAT ONE GUY with a red skin to ruin the looks of the blue ship fleet
  10. Vanguard vs Provi-Bloc and Goonswarm 10-12-2016

    cool video, I like the music. if youre intending to record videos when fighting, try not to zoom in and out so much it looks really jarring when the video is sped up for playback do you have personal standings to all them set -10? I notice all of them were red on your overview
  11. Vanguard vs Provi-Bloc and Goonswarm 10-12-2016

    was thinking the same thing about euros we need a big atlantic wall to keep you out, cant have you polluting our culture and taking our finance jobs
  12. VANGUARD vs. Provi-Bloc in B-WPLZ

    that mino save in low structure, clutch great job logi and thanks for sharing the vid
  13. Vanguard Sends Their Regards

    oh seven
  14. Vanguard Screenshot Thread

    avatars and a lone moros ruining our moveop sexiness
  15. Vanguard Screenshot Thread

    Post some cool eve screenshots that you've taken that have significance to you or what we've been through as a coalition. I have a few old ones here to start: Killing our first sov tcu in february 2015 in WPV in etherium reach, held at the time by SERIN, who are now valued FCON allies in immensea. This was the first system taken by TRI and later transferred to HADES Cuffdawg, ugly eric, and I go in for some titan DDs on XIX during the battle for C-4D TRI Wyverns engage pinned XIX archon wing during the battle for c-4d, back when men fought over stations with capital escalations and battleships, not entosis alts Going in for the bubble tackle on S2N's supercap escalation on our dead CTA fleet as PL took gates from Curse with 100+ supers for the death blow. In the end 5 aeons died, the rest escaped. SASH FESTIVAL LAUNCHER SNEAK ATTACK ON ME! the infamous opening blow of the Insmother war, DRF/RA supercapital escalation on our rattlesnake fleet over a chromium POS reinforced by a solo TRI dread on his own initiative lol. Our snakes held the field under super pressure and forced them to log in their pos after killing all the dominixes. rattlesnakes ftw The YPW supercap massacre where Vanguard and DRF forces, eventually assisted by ncdot/pl to whore the kms, destroyed a dozen russian titans/supers and multiple fleets. Naturally PL tried to attack us before we chastened them into stop being dicks and to help kill the supers. We all then raced over to Catch where the NCDOT supercap fleet in route to the battle was tackled by SW/CVA resulting in one aeon loss from NCDOT who fail warped to a belt away from the fleet. Our YPW battle made it into Pcgamer. It was also over a hafnium moon ayyy lmao the same battle aftermath. One view of the many 7-hour long CTAs needed to evict our enemy from C-j6 station and bring the insmother conquest to a climax seriously buy blue tiger skins one of the many SW dunks to secure a foothold in immensea RNF capital massacre as INFAMOUS makes its last stand the day before SW surrenders to Vanguard, bring us to the current date