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  1. Need Triumvirate logo

    Check out this thread there is .PSD file( adobe photoshop) in there with our logo along with some other stuff, remember vanguard is dead so dont use any of the old VG stuff,
  2. TRI Dreadbombs Titan

    That was an interesting drop......
  3. TRI/Co2 Joint Super Fleet

    and le reddit thread
  4. May Nyx Frags

  5. Stratios Supremecy

    first one is public second one is removed, you can tell on the youtube site if its public or unlisted.
  6. Goon Hel drop That was a fun drop, any thoughts regarding the video please let me know,
  7. Gnosis Murder

    Let me know what you think guys! (ignore the antimatter at 40km please )
  8. Vanguard Screenshot Thread

    Sitting on grid shitting out a turd.