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  1. first one is public second one is removed, you can tell on the youtube site if its public or unlisted.
  2. Sanctuary of Shadows FACTA NON VERBA ∯ DEEDS NOT WORDS PACK LIGHT AND DIE QUIETLY Sanctuary of Shadows is recruiting active EU and US pilots who want to experience fleet combat in nullsec. SASH is a corporation devoted to PvP and Capital Warfare. Recruitment Status: Selective Requirements: Capital Alt (Dread/FAX preferred), Ability to contribute meaningfully to fleet doctrines. Desired Traits: 1000 Kills, 30mil SP Application Template. 1. List any person inside SASH (or TRI) that would be willing to vouch for you: 2. Give a short summary of your eve history: 3. What country do you live in, how old are you, and what languages can you speak fluently? 4. List all of your pvp capable characters and what they are specialized in, include links to each characters killboards and eveboards: 5. Why are you leaving your current corporation and why do you want to join SASH? 6. What makes you different from every other F1 pusher in nullsec? 7. What other games do you play? 8. Do you have experience using supers or capitals in a large fleet setting? Give a short summary of your experience and some examples of when you made mistakes. What did you learn from those mistakes? 9. How do you make your isk? If the corporation/alliance lost their sov would you be able to support yourself outside of nullsec? 10. You are piloting a wyvern in Triuvmirate’s super fleet and you just fail warped to a celestial in a midpoint system as the rest of the fleet just jumped to a cyno on a hostile grid. As you come out of a warp a dictor lands on you and bubbles up. Describe step by step what you would do from start to finish. 11. Create a new fit for each of the following ships and post them below: a. A naglfar or phoenix fit up to dreadbomb a large hostile super fleet b. A small gang roaming pirate cruiser that isn’t the cynabal or orthrus c. An active tanked hictor used specifically for tackling 1-2 supers with minimal/no support in nullsec d. A panther that would be used in a fleet of 15+ blops dropping on a carrier or rorqual with no friendly logistics on grid e. A cyno interceptor that could reasonably tank a smartbombing battleship Send full account API’s to Atrol Nalemir for all of your accounts
  3. That was a fun drop, any thoughts regarding the video please let me know,
  4. Let me know what you think guys! (ignore the antimatter at 40km please )