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  1. Those were some good times. These are some good times.
  2. Battle of the IAS-I5 I-Hub

    Let them think it's important, they'll whelp more to kill it again
  3. Oijanen Brawl

    Awesome. We could add some Garst Soundboard to simulate comms as well
  4. TRI POV Logi 3L3N-X

    Just throwing it out there but the way you have your windows/ui set up seems like it maximises the time needed to lock a broadcast then activate reps. If you move your broadcast window nearer your modules then you can respond that bit quicker. Also use keyboard/radial menu shortcuts to unlock targets - either CTRL+ SHIFT+left click or hold and the radial menu comes up and the option at 6 o clock is unlock. I find both are quicker than right clicking and then left clicking unlock. YMMV/just my 2 cents/don't hate me bro etc.