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  1. Providence invasion Feb 26

    No target calling allowed either?
  2. Propaganda music suggestions

    More appropriate for footage of a fight I suppose, but it sounds awesome.
  3. feeling the quam

    Only downside is that it isn't for .N-M. Great video!
  4. Vanguard vs Provi-Bloc and Goonswarm 10-12-2016

    "Vanguard vs Provi-Bloc and Goonswarm 10-12-2016", 10th of december? You from the future?
  5. B-W Fortizar fight

    Long intro, but looks nice otherwise
  6. VANGUARD vs. Provi-Bloc in B-WPLZ

    That looks like a great fight, nice video!
  7. Vanguard Mission Statement

    Well done, very well done indeed.
  8. TRI POV Logi 3L3N-X

    I don't really like the music tbh, but to each his own vOv
  9. CTA 1700 - 16MAY Tengus

    Like the intro on this one, too bad there wasn't an introduction on XIX and SOLAR though
  10. CTA 1700 - 16MAY Tengus

    Should probably get Sony Vegas as well, could be fun.
  11. CTA 1700 - 16MAY Tengus

    Dank as fuck mate, what do you use for video editing?
  12. CTA 1700 - 16MAY Tengus

    He really was. Got bubbled by a friendly Sabre who wanted to get an empty podkill later as well (I was entosising in a Minokawa, the fucking retard)
  13. CTA 1700 - 16MAY Tengus

    "You're so stupid man" - Garst 2016
  14. CTA 1700 - 16MAY Tengus

    I'll try to, but not sure if my laptop can handle it, so I'd love for people with better equipment to record.