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  1. TRI Dreadbombs Titan

    lmao ustz confirmed best tz, can actually kill a titan
  2. Video Production

    I liked #2 and #4, but with 4 can you make the bubbles and gem-thing the red color scheme. It makes no sense to have it be blue since our logo is all white/grey/red I liked ii tbh. Nice and simple. VG logo shouldn't be an eagle because that just represents TRI
  3. Video Production

    Also send me that link to all those logos you had made for vanguard
  4. Video Production Thats the largest version I was able to obtain when I went searching for one. PSD format. Can change the file type if you dont have photoshop, just let me know
  5. Oijanen Brawl

    Those shots at the end with the dreads jumping in looked awesome! Great video, nice mix of cinematic and UI shots, good music Would watch again
  6. Vanguard vs Provi-Bloc and Goonswarm 10-12-2016

    Sweet to see it from the DPS side thanks! I had no idea how well we were doing all I saw was my basi wing getting slaughtered twice
  7. VANGUARD vs. Provi-Bloc in B-WPLZ

    Nice vids guys! Sweet to see both perspectives! Irenia you left out the part with the 10,000 broadcasts for half shield I'll need to grab my footage and edit it hehe
  8. Vanguard Screenshot Thread

    Vanguard capital force
  9. Vanguard Screenshot Thread

    Most of the screenshots I take are without UI so lack some context but here are some things that stand out to me in my eve career. This was taken 31st of oct 2009 when No.Mercy was in faction war a couple months after I joined. I remember it being the biggest battleship fleet i'd been on at that time and thought it was the coolest thing ever One of the battles against RA. The aftermath of a fleet I FC'd against INFAMOUS back in June. It was small compared to most fleets but we chased them all over the grid and slaughtered them to the man. I remember being so so happy that I couldn't sleep that night. The wrecking ball from my Nulli days for the Ihub in HED for this kill - , It was pretty ridiculous I took this image during the death of Empress Jamyl and CCP used it on the devblog about the event which I was pretty stoked about. It is the second before the Drifters alpha her titan. Additionally I created a montage of all the event stuff surrounding that. It was one of my first real shots at editing together footage
  10. Vanguard Mission Statement

    That's how we could force an end to the war. Torture them by forcing them to listen to me sing. It's brilliant!

    great video
  12. TRI POV Logi 3L3N-X

    It's really good to analyse yourself after recording it, I try to do that when I remember to record so you're def on the right track. To address 1. Thats the entire point of a logi FC. Generally the fcs let me know if I need to field a cap-only/dedicated basi, and i've done that quite a few times in the larger fights. I then assign 2 ppl to do it before we undock, have them refit for all cap transfers and have them capchain like normal. It is very very easy to do and should never result in the capchain being dead. Organization is the key, but it requires people to step up and take it on without being begged to. Keep up the good work
  13. Vanguard VS Stainwagon & CVA 30-5-16

    Pretty good, love hearing comms. As Garst said, the zoomed in orbiting gets old pretty quick. I found the music interfered with the comms a bit, maybe a less hectic song would help. Pat telling us we did a good job, i'll just save that soundbite and play it for morale reasons later
  14. TRI POV Logi 3L3N-X

    Only just saw this thread but here are my comments, gonna repeat some of what others said 1. I was going to say this but Garst said it first. Keep full comms as internal only. That said, please do post full videos like this in addition to the shorter public ones. As a fc in training, I love love love watching the full versions, no matter how long they are because I learn something from every fight. I missed this one but I enjoyed watching the full version. 2. Do snippets of comms in public vids, but try to avoid rage or parts that make us look bad obviously. What you did with the revised 3min version was great. 3. Length should be max around 7-8min, like others have mentioned unless you have tons of content with nice comms mashed in. Again your revised 3min vid was perfect. You can speed up the video and mash in some normal speed comms pretty easily even if it doesn't sync perfectly depending on how you do it. ------ General comments This video kind of highlights why someone needs to step up and logi FC (or if there was one I couldn't tell so that's probably bad). Some things I noticed that need to be watched. 1. People getting out of range is a big problem. Past 32km we don't rep at full strength. Logi FC needs to be around to watch ranges on both other logi and recons that are burning. It's super easy to double click and wander off. Someone needs to be the sheppard. Ideally those people super far back should have been told to warp off and back once it was safe to do so. 2. Dedicated cap givers to recons. Soon as someone said they needed cap the logi FC should be assigning 1-2 people to do that so there is no confusion. Ideally having them do it in the order of the capchain so if it does get broken its broken to the people next on the capchain instead of randomly through it in different places. 3. I just realized how disconcerting it is to hear the FC say 'Logi are we holding?' and then silence. but I realized that I always reply to Garst about logi on command channel so to everyone else it sounds like there is no response. Not sure if keeping comms as clear as possible by responding on command comms is better or if the fleet needs to hear that info. Feedback would be nice if anyone has thoughts on that. Personal comments 1. Someone already said this, but keeping broadcast window close to where targets are popping up is good. 2. Your using hotkeys pretty well, i recommend using the unlock target hotkey 3. I'd have a drones overview setup and just switch to that at the start/middle of the fight to ensure there are no ecm drones. If there are you can announce it and have logi kill em off asap with warriors 4. Keep the FC locked up at all times. It allows you to see your range and make sure you aren't drifting away while zoomed out, and also ensures he's easily accessible if he takes damage Overall good vids and great rework. I look forward to seeing more! Edit: Keep in mind this part of the forum is public so full comms versions will be seeable from here. We should probably change that