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  1. QE-E1D TEST Fight 02/06/18

    Finally a video where some1 in a Mach actually uses his TDs semi-properly. Good job!
  2. GRRKA recruitment vid

    Wow, this is a really sexy video. I remember all those fights so well, even tho some were over a year ago! <3
  3. Battle of the IAS-I5 I-Hub

    SAI was over IAS.. So it's the same fight.
  4. TRI Dreadbombs Titan

    5x EC-300s were to strong
  5. Video Production

    Dat into/outtro
  6. Providence invasion Feb 26

    Plz remove.
  7. Providence invasion Feb 26

    This. But mostly:
  8. When a God is TESTed

    You died right when our shield links DC'd, you can actually see them run out. RIP
  9. In which *Unnamed Leviathan* Misses his Lance.

    It wasn't that bad, altho the ones that missed were 1000% the wrong direction. Vily gave us shit cause I told him on command "alright let my guys Lance cause will hit at least". Then we continue to miss half our Lances lol.
  10. Bombing Run Alliance Fleet Battle Video

    That's not true iirc. They will still explode (as shown in the video). They only disappear if the bomber dies before the bomb explodes.
  11. Oijanen Brawl

  12. Screening like a bawwss
  13. VANGUARD vs Provi 09.10.2016 "Mach welp"

    Sexy! Personally I like trap for these kinds of videos. Like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=umvjPOWpTDg But that's all personal preference ofc.
  14. mensis augusti

    The Vanguard Colalition at it again!
  15. STAINWAGON feat. INIT. vs. Vanguard in XV-MWG

    A.A. meeting confirmed.