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  1. For Whom the Bell Tolls

    For Archiving Purposes, Reddit: <3
  2. TRI Dreadbombs Titan

    "You can bring the pilot out of calibrated chaos, but you can't bring the calibrated chaos out the pilot" Not everyone is Ody TitanKiller The3rd His Leetness:
  3. Video Production

    We've had this argument already, and given that the aquaila now is the officialish so yeah.
  4. Video Production

    I'm not really a fan of corporate_intro.aep in general but I do like your ideas, I like the first, using the shape of the logo as a razor guillotine or a mortal combat blood move would be nice. Logo is still not hq, this hq bb:
  5. Video Production

    After effects is not for montage you should use premiere. You are better off tracing the logos in illustrator and exporting them at high res PNG interlaced to premiere for masking. I can give you both TRI and Vanguard official vector logos once Garst pays me 2bil for winning the alliance logo contest. :3
  6. RE4GD Recruitment Video ft. Vanguard fights vs Goons

    PuttPutt da real MVP. Nice vid have a like fam. P.S: pixelate watchlist next time.
  7. Vanguardian Overture

    1080p for best viewing experience. HYPE!
  8. Vanguard Screenshot Thread

    KEEPSTAR DOWN: Full Album:
  9. Vanguard Screenshot Thread

    HERE COMES THE SCREENSHOTS TRAIN: "Mach fleet holding for the red fleet on CJ timer" Nov-15 "Chillin with Ishtars (F) for the the 0-6 battle" Dec-15 "Vanguard Machariels showing Pat's dirty Nestor some love" "Battle for MTO-MOT-MTU-MUT wotitsface, Pat did gud dat day" March-16 & Other WWB Shots Fucking with TEST when they lived here: XiX or etc, putting their drone ball on the thing we were shooting: Randoms: DD in SH1 battle two days ago:
  10. Vanguard Mission Statement

    That's a LOT of work, me likey, except Garst head on jimmy fallon body "cringes" Also, if someone can transfer this thread to Vanguard media that'd be kewl.
  11. Vanguard Mission Statement

    I can't see Vanguard media forum anymore, so I'm posting here.
  12. World War Bee Winning Propaganda Video

    Tbh, I don't think it is that great. The newspaper clipping is a nice touch, but I wouldn't classify it as "winning". Or at least as cementing of their name in the game as the other videos that TEST does which I find inspired, propaganda and graphic wise.
  13. Vanguard VS Stainwagon & CVA 30-5-16

    Thank you, I actually did not have a publishing intention when I recorded the fight, and when I got primaried as we landed I was trying to keep my snake alive and I even forgot I was recording. I had the clip laying around and I thought I will have some fun with it. I will however definitely start recording more battles with a zoomed out strategic view for publishing, noted. Always outnumbered, never out chaosed. Calibrated Chaos Supremacy.
  14. Stainwagon batphones CVA against vanguard trying to enforce our station in their captured staging system. Things don't go as planned for them, as cpt pat successfully manages to execute a 100% fleet warp. OP SUCCESS. Edited liberally to avoid boredom, sped up to match the theme. BR: Reddit: