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  1. For Whom the Bell Tolls

    For Archiving Purposes, Reddit: <3
  2. Vanguardian Overture

    1080p for best viewing experience. HYPE!
  3. CTA 1700 - 16MAY Tengus

    MAX HYPE NO FAIL CTA 16MAY @ 1700 TENGUS ------------------------- Storytime: We're going to headshot Stain Wagon stagingsystem (already RF'd) tomorrownight @ 1715. They will probably try to get like 300 nerds, so we better show with max numbers and no-fail! We need EVERYONE in MD- by 1700, with ships and support ready to go for a Tengu fleet. As well as a load of entosis alts & reships. This will be a no-fail for them as well, since they are currently moving into the station. That means this has a 100% chance of an awesome fight! ------------------------- MAX HYPE NO FAIL CTA 16MAY @ 1700 TENGUS