Eoghan Macc

Tri Media Resurgence

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Hi, hello, How are you?


So over my course of being in Tri I have noticed there is a lack of structure to the Tri Media platforms, 

So I plan to make some changes if I can get some help from some people. 

My Plans:

1. Give corporations in Tri the opportunity to have corporation posters and corporation recruitment/propaganda videos made.

2. Keep the alliance updated with Battlereports, AARS and updates in alliance life (if this gains popularity it could move to a "Tri News" channel in discord.

3. Make fight recap and battle recap for any of the larger brawls we encounter.

4.Last but not least.. MEMEES.


Ill need some help initially and some input to what you would like to see from a full fledged Tri media team.

Let me know if youre interested in helping with getting involved with TRI media.


Eoghan "Slingshot" Macc o7

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