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Garst Tyrell

No.Mercy Corp Recruitment *OPEN*

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No.Mercy corp is back!

-Who we are-

  • The leading corp within Triumvirate., a PVP alliance fighting against all odds and always looking for new challenges in EU and US TZ
  • Aggressive game play - we make or find fights. We don't permacamp pipes with falcon alts, afraid to leave our comfort zone. We challenge enemies for their assets and sov
  • Professional PVP group: Veteran players with plenty of experience, SP, and toons to run the fleet comps we want
  • An experienced outfit - corp leadership has already 'been there, done that' when it comes to learning how to manage quality EVE corps/alliances. 
  • We offer corp/alliance SRP and pvp incentive programs including reimbursement for FC ships and capitals. Our sov is secure and ready for you to use between fleets
  • A family atmosphere in the corp, all members are helpful and I can't remember the last time we have had in-corp drama or issues
  • 100 man fleet fights, small gang roaming, and black ops on a daily basis

-Who we are looking for-

  • 1000+ Kills demonstrating competence
  • Veteran PVPers who are tired of the complacent PVP groups and retirement alliances
  • There is no SP requirement but pilots should be self-sufficient in isk and toons and be generally competent. We have specific doctrines you will need to train for including capitals on alts. 
  • Use of alts for some mix of capitals, scouting, links etc. required
  • Full APIs
  • Pilots who take pride in establishing a PVP group in EVE and want active, engaged leadership with lots of opportunities to contribute
  • Pilots who want to create content for others, who are willing to poke other people in corp and start a roam instead of waiting to be hand held by an FC if there isnt already a fleet out

In Game Pub Channel: No.Mercy Pub

Recruitment Contacts: 
Frsd (EU)
Sahriah Bloodstone (US)

If you need convincing, I encourage you to convo any No.mercy or TRI member and ask what they think of the corp. I guarantee they will recommend us :)


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